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Massage Treatments

Energy Healing

Energy Healing

Energy Healing- in person or remote

Energy Healing is used for stress, relaxation, injuries, recovery from surgeries and supports the healing process of illness.  Also, it can help assist people to  reconnect and express their essence.

50 minute session- $125

80 minute sessions- $175

Reflexology: Hand & Feet treatment that affects the whole body

45 minute session: $85

Swedish Massage:  For Relaxing and Stress

60 minute session: $100

80 minute session: $130

90 minute session: $150

Neuromuscular Therapy: For injuries and chronic pain using trigger point therapy.

60 minute session: $100

80 minute session: $130

90 minute session: $150

Myofascial Release: John Barnes Method

Treats the fascia ( connective tissue of the body)

90 minute sessions: $150

5 Element Shiatsu

Treats the meridian system and balances the body

90 minute session: $150

Add on:  Cupping Massage $20


Equine Energy Healing

Equine Energy Healing:  Remote or in person Helps with injuries, stress, pain


60 minute remote session: $100 

60  minute in person session: $100 + travel 

Equine & Owner Healing:

Helps assist an owner and horse to heal emotionally. Horses mirror people and often it's the owner that needs to heal a part of themselves to see a shift in the horse's behavior.

90 minute remote session:  $150 

90 minute in person session: $150 + travel

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